Buckle Up! New Product Updates

Buckle Up! New Product Updates

We're pleased to announce that we're currently in the process of releasing updates for each of our products, to introduce new code signing certificates, an improved installer, bug fixes, new features and general improvements.

For a detailed breakdown of the changes, please review our Release Notes.

Distribution Notes
If you purchased your Flight Panels from our online store at https://flightpanels.io, we'll send you an email when the updates are available to download. If your purchase was made at an online marketplace such as SimMarket or FlightSim.to, these updates will be submitted for review within the next 24 hours.

Updated Profile Switcher

The Flight Panels Profile Switcher is designed to allow you to quickly and easily switch between your FlyByWire A32NX, Fenix A320, PMDG 737, ATR 42/72-600 and CRJ 550-1000 Flight Panels. In our latest update we're introducing 8, 15 & 32 key profiles to support the Stream Deck +, Stream Deck XL, Classic, MK.2 and Stream Deck Mobile (iPad, iPhone and Android Devices). View Product in Store.

Home Screen Navigation Update
With this round of updates we've also introduced a couple of minor improvements to the home screen, including new imagery for the ATC Window and VFR Map buttons. A new dedicated Exit button (Stream Deck Profile Switcher) has also been added to make it even easier to navigate between profiles.

Button Configuration
1. Launch your Stream Deck application and switch to the relevant profile
2. Click on the 'Exit' button/icon to open the button configuration window
3. If you have multiple devices, select the target device from the drop down list
4. Select the 'Profile' that you want to switch to, when the button is pressed
5. Repeat for each of your profiles as necessary

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