New! Cessna 152 Series - Celebrating 85 Million Flights

New! Cessna 152 Series - Celebrating 85 Million Flights

On August 18th, Microsoft Flight Simulator celebrated it's third anniversary and through a series of posts, the development team at Microsoft and Asobo shared a series of remarkable statistics that showcased the incredible journey that over 12 Million pilots have taken.

Among these numbers, one statistic stands out: a staggering 85 million flights have taken place in the Cessna 152, a testament to the enduring appeal of this aircraft. To commemorate this achievement, we're thrilled to introduce our second general aviation Stream Deck Series for the Cessna 152.

With this release, we've included 3 highly detailed panels and for the first time, a wide range of dynamic gauges (airspeed, engine RPM, fuel flow etc) and real-time metrics, including fuel and oil quantities, pressures, temperatures and performance.


The Flight Panels Cessna 152 Series is available now (Store Link) and includes both 15 & 32 key profiles to support the Stream Deck XL, Classic, MK.2 and Stream Deck Mobile.


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This is the best new product I’ve seen for MSFS in years. Makes flying much more enjoyable, simplifies complex tasks. I’m here to get a couple more panels right now!

Michael Minto

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