New! Cessna 414 AW Chancellor Series

New! Cessna 414 AW Chancellor Series

We're incredibly excited to announce our latest Stream Deck Profile Series (Store Link- the Cessna 414 AW Chancellor by Flysimware. Released in September 2022, the Cessna 414 AW has quickly become one of the most popular aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and it's remarkable attention to detail and extensive functionality has allowed us to create another highly detailed release.

With over 250 buttons, this series offers 11 pages of controls, covering circuit breakers, aircraft maintenance, lighting, communications, fight surfaces, the GNS 530 and dozens of small details - including cabin tables, passenger reading lights and even the cup holders!

The Flight Panels Cessna 414 AW Chancellor Series is available now (Store Link) and includes both 15 & 32 key profiles to support the Stream Deck XL, Classic, MK.2 and Stream Deck Mobile (iPad, iPhone and Android Devices). For Stream Deck Mobile 2.0, check out our latest blog post!

About the Cessna 414 AW Chancellor

The Cessna 414 AW Chancellor is a twin-engine, pressurized cabin aircraft that has become a popular choice among business and private aviators. Designed and manufactured by Cessna, the 414 AW Chancellor offers a spacious and comfortable cabin that can accommodate up to eight passengers.

Equipped with two reliable engines, it provides increased safety and performance for long-range flights. The aircraft's pressurised cabin enables it to fly at higher altitudes, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable experience for passengers.

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