Fenix A320 Series - Version 1.5

Fenix A320 Series - Version 1.5

An updated version (1.5) of our Fenix A320 Series is now available for download. If you purchased your Flight Panels from our online store at https://flightpanels.io, we'll send you an email when the updates are available to download. If your purchase was made at an online marketplace such as SimMarket, these updates will typically be made available within 72 hours.

Release Notes

Note: This version requires an upgrade to FSUIPC7 v7.3.20, followed by PilotsDeck v0.7.10. Both third party applications must be upgraded prior to installing this release.

- Added support for FSUIPC7 version v7.3.20 and PilotsDeck verison 0.7.10
- Added: Long Press support added to the Strobe button to enable auto mode
- Resolved: A/P Home button was switching profiles rather than returning to home
- Resolved: Strobe button on the General panel was non-functional
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