FlyByWire A32NX Series - Version 2.0

FlyByWire A32NX Series - Version 2.0

An updated version (2.0) of our FlyByWire A32NX Series is now available for download. If you purchased your Flight Panels from our online store at, we'll send you an email when the updates are available to download. If your purchase was made at an online marketplace such as SimMarket, these updates will typically be made available within 72 hours.

Release Notes

- [Bug] Cockpit warning displayed when the T/O Config button is held
- [Bug] Cabin call behaviour issue, due to the button not resetting after being pressed
- [Bug] Taxi & Landing light states aren't in sync with the Stream Deck
- [Bug] A/THR display value returns XXX in CLB mode
- [Bug] Autopilot altitude display value is blank
- [Bug] EXT PWR button not showing 'AVAIL'
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