FlyByWire A32NX Series - Version 2.1

FlyByWire A32NX Series - Version 2.1

An updated version (2.1) of our FlyByWire A32NX Series is now available for download. If you purchased your Flight Panels from our online store at, we'll send you an email when the updates are available to download. If your purchase was made at an online marketplace such as SimMarket, these updates will typically be made available within 72 hours.

Release Notes

- [Installer] New code signing certificates
- [Installer] Improved custom path logic to address occasional MobiFlight issues
- [Home Screen] A configurable 'Exit' (Profile Switcher) button has been added
- [Bug] Adjusting a lighting value results in other lights displaying 0%
- [Bug] Master Caution light can't be reset in certain circumstances
- [Bug] The landing lights switch isn't synchronised with the aircraft lights
- [Bug] The taxi light switch isn't synchronised with the aircraft lights
- [Bug] APU Start switch is INOP due to a button misconfiguration
- [User Requested] Added three-way (long press) support for dome lighting
- [User Requested] Emergency lighting renamed to On|ARM with a long press for DISARM
- [User Requested] Addition of overhead ground control button
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