Interview Series: Meet ROG46

Interview Series: Meet ROG46

Let's start off with the good stuff, walk us through your Flight Sim setup!

As you may have noticed, I have an extensive setup! It includes the Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke, Logitech pedals, RealSimGear GTN750, Stream Deck XL with 32 keys, Logitech autopilot, throttle and switch panel, PropWash radio panel, Bravo throttle, Alpha yoke, X52, T1600, Thrustmaster MFD Cougar, Bravo 737/A320 handles addon, as well as my homemade autopilot panel and overhead panel.

It's probably safe to say that we all place an enormous amount of focus on performance, what are your PC specs? If you had to upgrade one component, what would it be? 

At the moment, I'm using an Intel i9 9900k Processor paired with 32GB of Corsair RAM on a ROG Maximums XI Hero gaming motherboard. For graphics, I have a ROG STRIX 2080Ti, and I have 1TB of solid-state storage. However, like most Flight Simulator 2020 users, my next upgrade would definitely be the graphics card.

How do our Flight Panels play a part?

Despite having a home cockpit, it's challenging to replicate all the physical buttons for various aircraft types. However, Flight Panels offer a solution by allowing me to switch between different aircraft profiles easily while still being able to physically interact with the buttons. I truly appreciate the concept behind it and find it extremely valuable.

What's your favourite Series release at the moment?

  • PMDG 737: This aircraft holds the top spot on my list due to its proven reputation and reliability. Every aspect of it works flawlessly, providing an exceptional flight experience.
  • FlyByWire/Fenix Airbus A320: This aircraft stands out because it is both free and of excellent quality. It's rare to find such a combination, and their innovative approach to aircraft simulation is highly commendable.
  • F22 by TopMach Studios: This aircraft is perfect for those who appreciate speed and efficiency. Its fast performance, coupled with a functioning navigation system, makes it particularly suitable for VATSIM flying, offering a great overall experience.

You're obviously very active across various social media challenges, but primarily TikTok. Tell us a bit about your channels and any upcoming events or features!

Initially, I started using TikTok primarily as a storage platform for my videos. It was convenient for me to access them while exercising, especially since YouTube wasn't as phone-friendly at the time. Surprisingly, after posting a few videos on TikTok, I noticed a significant surge in views, indicating a genuine interest from viewers. This motivated me to share more content.

Although my current schedule is quite busy due to work commitments and my focus on obtaining my Private Pilot's License, I still aspire to create additional educational videos based on the knowledge I'm gaining in Flight School. My goal is to assist others in saving money on their aviation courses by practicing certain aspects in flight simulators.

Where can we find you online?

FacebookTikTok | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Twitch | Pinterest | LinkTree


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