Interview Series: Meet MagSimTV

Interview Series: Meet MagSimTV

Let's start off with the good stuff, walk us through your Flight Sim setup!

In terms of my computer setup, I run an Intel i9 9900k Processor with 32GB ram, a ROG STRIX 12GB 1080TI and a ton of storage. I've also got 3 monitors, the main of which is a 34" Curved Ultrawide, to benefit from the increased field of view.

When it comes to flight controls, I use the the Logitech X56 H.O.T.A.S. I've also incorporated a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5, which I use for Electronic Flight Bag (aircraft tablet). I've also recently bought the Stream Deck XL (32 keys) for my Flight Panels profiles, which is absolutely incredible. Although I prefer a minimalist aesthetic, I do have a touch of RGB lighting present on my system, specifically on the Corsair mouse and Roccat Vulkan keyboard.

How do Flight Panels play a part in your Simulator experience?

Well, you just try and take them away from me and find out 😂 Having dedicated controls at my fingertips, without having to manipulate the view, locate the switches and then toggle them, is a game changer. It certainly makes the experience more immersive, fun and definitely less frustrating.

What's your favourite Series release at the moment?

Can I pick two? Definitely the Fenix Airbus A320 Series. The logic of the Flight Panels flow, works perfectly on this aircraft. Secondly, it would be the FlyByWire Airbus A32NX. Do you get the feeling that I have a preference for Airbus...

What are your top 3 aircraft and why?

At number one - the Fenix Airbus A320. It's an incredibly well designed aircraft and over 90% of the cockpit buttons are functional. You can even move your seat back! Coming hot on the heels of the Fenix, would be the FlyByWire Airbus A32NX. It's an absolute joy to fly, but as there's no cabin - it's officially downgraded to number 2. Finally, the Headwind A330-900 Neo. It's by far, the best long haul aircraft in the game at the moment and best of all, the team at Headwind are building it with passion (it's also free!).

Where can we find you online?

TikTok | YouTube Tutorials | Instagram Exclusives | LinkTree


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