New Release: CRJ 550-1000 A/P Panel

New Release: CRJ 550-1000 A/P Panel

The Bombardier CRJ, short for Canadair Regional Jet, is a series of regional jet airliners manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. Designed for regional and short-haul flights, the CRJ has gained popularity for its efficiency and reliability. With various models and seating capacities ranging from 50 to 100 passengers, the CRJ offers flexibility for airlines operating in smaller markets. The aircraft is known for its comfortable cabin, advanced avionics, and improved fuel efficiency. The CRJ has played a significant role in connecting smaller communities and expanding air travel accessibility, making it a trusted choice in the regional aviation sector.

The CRJ 550-1000 Autopilot Panels joins our existing Stream Deck + Autopilot Panels lineup, which currently includes the FlyByWire A32NX, Fenix A320, PMDG 737 and ATR 42/72-600.

Available for £9.99, the CRJ 550-1000 Panels are now available for purchase through our online store, and is expected to be available on SimMarket and within the next 48 hours.

What's Included? Our CRJ 550-1000 Autopilot Panel is designed for use with the Stream Deck +. This panel includes buttons to control the Flight Director (FD), Autopilot (AP ENG), Autopilot Transfer (XFR), Turbulence (TURB), Speed, Approach (APPR), Backcourse (BC), Heading (HDG), Navigation (NAV), 1/2 Bank, Altitude (ALT) and Vertical Speed (VS).

Dial Controls


  • Twist to increase and decrease speed
  • Press to enable/disable speed mode
  • Tap to move between knots & mach


  • Twist to increase and decrease heading
  • Press to enable/disable heading mode
  • Tap to sync current heading


  • Twist to increase and decrease altitude
  • Press to enable/disable altitude mode
  • Tap to level off

Vertical Speed

  • Twist to increase/decrease vertical speed
  • Press to enable/disable VS mode
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