Introducing our new All-In-One Installer

Introducing our new All-In-One Installer

We've come a long way since we first launched Flight Panels. In less than three months we've launched 4 Series Releases (FlyByWire A32NXFenix A320PMDG 737 and ATR 42/72-600), 5 Autopilot Panels for the Stream Deck +, our Profile Switcher and of course - our new installer.

Launched back in April, our new installer drastically improved the user experience (it definitely improved on a ZIP file), by automatically configuring FSUIPC7 to deliver the best in-sim experience - whilst also installing the necessary scripts, images and Stream Deck Profiles. It was a great improvement; however it didn't go far enough.

Whilst it's incredibly simple to install our Stream Deck Profiles, that's not always the case with third party applications such as Windows .NET Runtimes, FSUIPC7, PilotsDeck or the MobiFlight module. When something doesn't work the way it should, it's incredibly frustrating and worse of all - it prevents our users from actually using and enjoying our products.

Today, we're introducing our new All-In-One Installer, that drastically improves the overall user experience by automatically installing and configuring the necessary system prerequisites and third-party applications. One installer, 30 seconds of your time (and the required reboot of course).

Each of our store products ( are now shipping with our new all-in-one installer and over the coming days, we'll be releasing updates across our SimMarket and stores.

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