New! Garmin GTN750 Stream Deck Profiles

New! Garmin GTN750 Stream Deck Profiles

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be launching a number of new products, but today, we're pleased to announce the availability of our Garmin GTN750 Profiles for the Stream Deck XL (Store Link) and Stream Deck + (Store Link)! The Garmin GTN750 is a cutting-edge avionics system known for its versatility, user-friendly interface and advanced features in navigation, communication, and situational awareness.

The driving force behind the virtual adaptation of the Garmin GTN750 is PMS50, a dedicated team of flight simulation developers who have gained recognition for their commitment to realism and attention to detail. Their GTN750 addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator has set a new standard, faithfully replicating the functionality of the real-world avionics system that's compatible with over 45 different aircraft including the Cessna 414 AW Chancellor and Airbus H145 Helicopter.

Flight Panels Garmin GTN750 Stream Deck and Stream Deck + Profiles

Flight Panels Garmin GTN750 Stream Deck Profile Home Screen

Our Garmin GTN750 Stream Deck + Profile (Store Link) includes a full suite of autopilot controls and the ability to change COM/COM1, NAV/NAV1, Transponder and ADF codes using the built in rotary dials.


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has redefined the standards for flight simulation and we'll continue to lead the way in enhancing the immersive experience, that's why we've designed this release from the ground up, including a new installation and configuration process that brings together 5 Stream Deck Profiles across 45+ separate pages.

Please note, to take full advantage of the functionality built into both our GTN750 Stream Deck and Stream Deck + Profiles, a PMS50 Premium GTN750 License is required.

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