PMDG Boeing 737 Series - Version 1.3

PMDG Boeing 737 Series - Version 1.3

An updated version (1.3) of our PMDG Boeing 737 Series is now available for download. If you purchased your Flight Panels from our online store at, we'll send you an email when the updates are available to download. If your purchase was made at an online marketplace such as SimMarket, these updates will typically be made available within 72 hours.

Release Notes

- [Installer] New code signing certificates
- [Installer] Improved custom path logic to address occasional MobiFlight issues
- [Home Screen] A configurable 'Exit' (Profile Switcher) button has been added
- [User Requested] Added three-way (long press) support for seat belt signs
- [User Requested] Re-Organise HYD ENG & ELEC buttons to improve user experience
- [Bug] Radio controls incorrectly target Radio 3 instead of Radio 1
- [Bug] Strange mouse behaviour when turning the seat belt signs On/Off
- [Bug] V/S display show negative values in descent mode
- [Bug] Incorrect engine starter knob behaviour
- [Bug] Incorrect window heat switch behaviour
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